Sycamore House  is owned by the Sycamore Foundation, Inc. a Missouri not-for-profit  Corporation, tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue  Code. Sycamore Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who set  policies and procedures to carry out its mission and assure that it is  fiscally sound. The weekly rent is designed to pay utilities,  maintenance and repair of the House, and all rent is used for those  purposes. No Board member receives any monetary compensation from the  Sycamore Foundation, Inc.

Residents, with their own elected  officers, arbitrate differences, assure that house rules are followed  and assigned tasks are completed to keep the house clean and  operational. Residents vote on admission of new applicants. Elected  officers are guided, as necessary, by the House Manager, who is also a  resident of Sycamore House.

Board members, House Manager and residents are all expected to practice the Twelve-Step Principles "in all our affairs".